Frequently Asked Questions

At Senta, we understand that the possibility of starting therapy makes most people nervous. We have tried to address some of the concerns that may be contributing to any apprehension you may have in deciding if Senta is right for you. We have also included further information about the therapy process. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.

Is counselling right for me?

Counselling may be a good decision at this time if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated with certain areas of your life. It is a place to learn and try different ways of looking at your concerns. Counselling will be a place for you to better understand your struggles and to seek expert help from a supportive and non-judgemental professional.



What can I expect when I start counselling?

Once you have filled out our Online Appointment Form or telephoned our office, we will talk on the phone to set up your first appointment time. You will have the opportunity to ask questions in our telephone conversations and at your first session. At your first session, we will spend some time going over what to expect once you start to attend regular sessions. Typically, an initial sessions involves getting to know each other and understand what struggles you are currently having. We will then book a following session and we will begin to start working on the problem together. At Senta, it is most important that you feel comfortable at all times and you will always have the opportunity to voice any concerns or questions. We always want to know how you are doing with the counselling experience.



How can I trust a stranger with details of my personal life?

The therapist’s goal is to understand your unique experience in order to be helpful. Your therapist will listen and hear about your experience and history from an unbiased and nonjudemental point of view. All discussions you have with your counsellor will remain strictly confidential. You privacy with be protected so that you can feel comfortable and safe to share. As a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), Senta follows strict ethical guidelines in practice. We will talk more about the confidential nature of counselling at our first session.



Is counselling covered under my health benefits?

The counselling services provided at senta are reimbursable by most third-party health care benefits companies. Check with your employee or third-party provider’s policy to verify. Often, a referral from your doctor for psychological services is required first. Simply visit a doctor and explain that you would like a referral for “counselling and/or psychological services”. If your health care benefits provider requires this referral, you will need to submit it with your first receipt. Counselling and psychological services are not covered by Provincial Health Care/ OHIP. Senta Counselling reserves a few spots for client’s with financial strains and may be able to adjust your hourly fee.